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Integrated Data Marketing Platform powered by AI

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Your Brand

Uncover Collaboration Opportunities

with Data and Ai.



Empower your organization (business or government) with transformative insights from Thailand's consumers.

We are open to work with partners who are media publishers, e-commerce platforms, analytics platforms, etc to create better value creation for organizations.


     We are also open to individuals and organizations that want to be our value added partner / reseller. If you are in the areas of digital marketing, marketing training companies, or market research houses / consulting - we want to connect with you.

We offer a variety of training programs that focuses on data driven marketing and analytics. Connect with us if you want to run a training program for your organization or wants to be a certified Dattel Associate.

Our methodology in data capture is one that is holistic to capture total perspective of consumer consumption behavior. We cover 10 verticals and 12 value traits that enables you to generate multi perspective insights.
We have also created various consumer models such as behavior and persona archetypes so that it will be easier for you to run analysis. Our multi dimensional workspace is a powerful tool for  you to do cross vertical and behavior analysis.


Run quick Market insight analysis to get a quick snapshot of the consumer segment you are exploring. 

Get quick and simple reports with insights to make informed decisions. Our reports cover market sizing, personas, channels, and messaging. Our Multi-Dimensional Workspace and longitudinal data give accurate and updated statistics and datasets to explore and visualise your target market and understand consumer behaviour and trends across ten verticals in the ASEAN region.

Persona Analytics

Create multiple consumer persona for a more data driven persona creation in creating different.

Persona Analytics generates a complete report on consumer segments, including demographics, behaviour, media, shopping, brand preferences, personal values, and consumption habits.

Diagnostic & Prescriptive

Analyze your brands health, competitors, and customer journey.

Our platform offers tools to evaluate your competition, measure brand loyalty and willingness to recommend, and analyze values and personality traits for informed decision-making. Key features include the Advocacy Index and 5A Consumer Journey.



Quick validation of hypothesis & behavior analytics, product innovation, Idea & project validation

Gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and develop cutting-edge marketing strategies by utilizing Easy Stacking, Cross-Vertical Analysis, and In-Cell Analysis techniques across 10 different industries

Data collection / Sentinal

Acquire deeper insights that is uqique to your brand and strategy. You can fuse new data capture with our existing core data to enrich your existing data points.


Impress your clients with powerful data insights.

Designed for agencies who wants to elevate your services with precise targeting and optimized campaigns. Achieve your goals.

Expand your product beyond the Thailand Market.

Get great opportunities to advertise in Malaysia and reach a large audience.

Our AI-powered solution can help you increase your ROI for as little as THB8,000.


With REV Network Audience,

you aren't buying specific channels but rather a strategic audience segmentation.

Our AI will recommend the best channels for your advertising needs.

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We're proud to receive this award - a sign of our commitment to excellence, and proof of our team's hard work and innovation.

Top in Tech Innovation Awards - Most Promising Growth Company (Merit)



Best Consumer Intelligence Company in South East Asia Business Awards 2020


D Awards 2023 - Best Ad Tech / Martech Company (Bronze)


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Integrated Data Marketing Platform

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