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Level up yourself

Upgrade Your Skill, While Get Paid and Enhance Your Value in Job Market


We will upgrade your skill and pay you monthly salary too!

Join our 4-month apprenticeship programme that upgrade yourself into a successful digital marketing career through intensive upskilling and practical training at top-tier companies.

Be a

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A Programme By :

Programme Partner :

K-Youth Development Programme 2023​
A program by Khazanah National Berhad

K-Youth is a youth employability initiative by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) which aims to develop Malaysia’s future talents. The programme will equip youth with commercially useful skills and experience to enhance their employability.


Khazanah remains committed to support the nation’s youth employability, aligned with our Advancing Malaysia strategy and the aspirations of Malaysia MADANI.

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Earn and Learn

Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing, be it from top of the funnel until closing deals which allow to be part of big agency or run as solo digital marketing nomad.  

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Apply now if you are interested in :​

  • Social Media Marketing.​

  • Digital Advertising​.

  • Creative / Graphics​.

  • Content Creation​.

  • Sales & Business



Be Part of Dattel Asia Group ! What you GET :

  • 4 months program​.

  • On the Job Training.

  • IACT Professional Certification​.

  • Incentive RM2,000 per month + EPF​​.


Requirements :​

  • Under 30 years old.

  • Minimum SPM.

  • Not employed for more than a month.

  • Never took part in a similar programme.

  • Have a high interest in getting a job.

How to apply ?

1. Register on the Link Provided 

2. We will review your application in 2 days.

3. Our team will reach you through email for confirmation.

4. Briefing session will be informed before starting of Training date (1st September 2023).

I Want To Join The Program,
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